Last week we heard part one of our interview with Jonathan Stark of the Ditching Hourly podcast about why you should quit the time-tracking model.

Today Jonathan shares how he’s leveraged podcasting in his business to grow his audience and build authority and trust.

Jonathan is a podcaster, mobile strategy consultant, and software developer. He’s also dedicated to helping freelancers move into a value-based pricing model to make their work and their lives better.

Jonathan has some excellent advice for those of you considering adding podcasting to your marketing arsenal!

Jonathan Stark talks about his experience podcasting and how it has helped him connect with his audience in a genuine and informative manner. He talks about why digital mediums like podcasting are so much more scalable than speaking at conferences, and how he knows he’s building trust with his listeners and customers.

We also talk about how podcasting could fit into your specific business plan, and his advice for professionals debating whether or not they should begin podcasting. He also talks about good ways to get feedback from listeners and why it’s essential to give away some content for free.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • How Jonathan has leveraged podcasting in his various businesses.
  • Why you don’t need to weigh down your show with promotional chatter.
  • Why podcasting is the next best thing to speaking at conferences, and much more scalable.
  • Whether or not Jonathan advises other freelancers to begin podcasting to build their authority.
  • The difficulty of getting feedback on a podcast and what Jonathan recommends to his listeners.


Power Concepts:

[spp-tweet “”Keep your podcast genuinely informative and minimally promotional.” @jonathanstark“]

[spp-tweet “”Podcasting is next best thing to speaking at a conference, which isn’t scalable like digital media.” @jonathanstark“]


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