Everyone’s got things that they’re naturally good at, but have you ever thought of your natural talents as a type of genius? If you can tap into those, you’ll find you’re more confident and productive than before.

This interview with Nancy Marmolejo is the perfect way to kickstart your unique genius.

Nancy Marmolejo is an educator, speaker, and author fascinated by the intersection of talent and genius. She’s an expert at helping clients reconnect with their natural talents and passions in order to fuel valuable, authoritative businesses.

Don’t miss this inspiring episode!

Nancy Marmolejo talks about the meaning of genius and how to bring your inherent gifts to the surface of your life and your work. She tells us how she helps clients identify these gifts and start putting them in practice immediately.

Nancy reminds us that we all have our own unique creativity – but sometimes we get of touch with this powerful force. She shares resources for finding and implementing these talents, so you future thought-leaders out there can use them to build you platform.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What the word “genius” really means, and how it shapes Nancy’s work.
  • How Nancy helps clients determine the difference between natural and acquired talents.
  • The confidence boost you’ll gain when you make using your inherent gifts a priority.
  • How a story about her daughter’s class podcast demonstrates the unique perspective each of us have.
  • What aspiring thought leaders and business owners should do next if they want to integrate their natural passion into their work.


Power Concepts:

[spp-tweet “”Genius is about exceptional natural ability, intelligence, and creativity. We all have it.” @NancyMarmolejo“]

[spp-tweet “”You gain confidence when you’re able to see what you’re great at – and you can bring that into your messaging.'” @NancyMarmolejo“]


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