Are you looking for a fantastic way to connect with your audience and expose yourself and your business to a whole bunch of other people’s audiences? Do you need a new, proven way for growing your business..?

You’re in luck!

On this episode of Cashflow Podcasting we have a great case study of what podcasting can do for your business.

John Logar from Business Unleashed podcast and is on the horn with us this week to talk about his show and how he uses it as a business growth and sales tool.  We drill into the ins and outs of how John creates his shows, distributes, and monetizes them.

If you’re  a consultant, speaker, higher-end product developer or an expert in any field and you’re thinking about starting a podcast, you won’t want to miss John’s incredible tips on every step of the process of launching and running a successful show.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What Business Unleashed podcast is about.
  • John’s target market and how he serves him with his show.
  • How John got started with podcasting.
  • How he monetizes his podcast.
  • His content creation and distribution strategy.
  • How you can get leverage other shows’ audiences.
  • How Business Unleashed podcast has generated six figures in 2 months.
  • The importance of sharing extremely valuable content with your audience.


Power Concepts:

[spp-tweet “”Podcasting is a very un-saturated market and is a great tool for growing your business.” @johnlogar”]

[spp-tweet “”Best engagement strategy is to give people exactly what they are looking for and don’t hold back.” @johnlogar”]


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