The question we’ve been hearing quite a bit lately is, “Has the podcasting window of opportunity set sail?”

People are increasingly wondering whether it’s too late to get into podcasting or if it is still a massive opportunity.

Whether you have a podcast or considering launching a new show, this episode will be perfect for you. Today, we take a deep dive into the current state of the podcasting industry and whether you should still consider using podcasting as a tool for growing your business.

3 Reason Why Podcasting is a Good Business Decision in 2016:

1. It is the best tool for building a tribe. (“1,000 True Fans” a concept by Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired Magazine). People in your tribe choose to hear from you on regular basis rather than being pulled away from what they were doing by an ad to view your offerings.

2. It builds trust & credibility. We, as podcasters, connect with our audience regularly to share value and build a personal relationship. Once we’ve built the trust with our listeners and positioned ourselves as a thought leader, we are able to use trust-based selling.

3. Podcasting is an easy-to-create method of creating content. Recording and publishing podcasts take far less time than blogging. That content can be easily repurposed by transcribing it and turning it into SEO-friendly blog posts. It can also be turned into videos as well as social media content, all pointing back to YOUR WEBSITE. James Schramko refers it to as the Octopus Method.


Power Concepts:

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