Are you someone who is a business owner, coach, author or a speaker who wants to make a bigger impact with their message and even become a keynote speaker? If you are, you’re in luck! Our today’s guest was able to accomplish just that using podcasting.

On this episode, we wanted to do a case study of what one year of podcasting can do for a business owner.

Roger Dooley, a client of Cashflow Podcasting, has been podcasting for a little over a year. He joins us today to share how he used podcasting as a content multiplier to grow his personal brand, get more speaking engagements, and leverage big media outlets such as Forbes.

Click “play” below for this in-depth case study as well as great tips from Roger for writers and speakers who are planning on getting into podcasting!

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • The incredible networking opportunities that podcasting has opened up for Roger.
  • The types of conversations he was able to have with influencers in his field.
  • What he means by podcasting as a content multiplier.
  • Roger’s tips for writers and speakers who are planning on getting into podcasting.


Power Concepts:

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[spp-tweet “In #podcasting, you have to deliver value not just to the audience, but to the guests as well”]


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