This week, we’re excited to talk to a gentleman who’s a client of Cashflow Podcasting and has been for quite some time. This episode is a case study about the impact that podcasting has had on his brand and why he believes it has been a “force multiplier” for his business.


Join us as David Saltzman of The Saltzman Group shares how he’s leveraged podcasting to build his authority to truly connect with his audience as well as folks that have presented him with deals and opportunities that he may have never had the chance to experience otherwise. Listen in to this insightful view for what podcasting can and can’t do for your brand and your business!


Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • David’s unique mindset that allowed him to put himself out there with ShiftShapers Podcast.
  • A lesson that helped David promote his podcast and achieve almost instant success with his show.
  • David’s tips for helping yourself by helping existing communities with your content.
  • The impact podcasting has had for David’s brand and business.
  • The valuable connections he was able to make through his show.
  • David’s advice to coaches and consultants who are thinking of using podcasting as a marketing tool.

Power Concepts:

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[spp-tweet “”Take the first step and jump in. It’s a lot easier than you think it is.” -David Saltzman #podcasting”]

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