This is part 3 of the Cashflow Podcasting Fast-Start series! As podcasting is on an uprise, businesses are wondering if it’s the right marketing tool for growth and sales.

If you’ve been pondering whether podcasting will work for you, then this is the episode (and series) for you. Going beyond the Podcast Litmus Test, we dive into defining your desired outcome, niche, market and how to find your online communities. We are happy to have you, just push the play button below to learn more.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • How to define the outcome you desire with your podcast and business.
  • Why a niche resonates well with podcast listeners.
  • Find out if your target audience is already using tech.
  • The perfect business types for Cashflow podcasting.
  • That it’s ok if you don’t have a product/service to offer just yet.

Power Concepts:

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Take Action Now

Use this test to determine whether podcasting will or won’t be the best tool to help you and your business.

Podcast Litmus Test

Podcast Litmus Test


Podcast Litmus Test

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