Jen Hemphill is a Latina money expert and Accredited Financial Counselor who has been featured on large websites and publications such as Oprah Magazine and Forbes.

On top of all of this, Jen is the host of Her Dinero Matters, a podcast focused on helping women feel empowered around their finances.

By helping women gain clarity and confidence in their financial matters, Jen teaches them to take control and become the reina of their money.

“Money brings a lot of emotion, a lot of fear… and I am here to change that, especially for women.”

Starting out as “Her Money Matters,” Jen’s podcast has evolved over the years as she decided to shift gears to make it more specific for the Latina community.

Initially, moving to a more focused demographic put a dent in her overall downloads, but with time, the opportunities started rolling in.

So what can we take away from Jen’s successful shift in focus?


The more specific you are about who your audience is,
the more the podcast resonates with folks!


Jen’s goal is to focus on a bigger scope of financial education.

Although the general advice is usually save more, spend less, and get out of debt, Jen knows that is not all financial education entails.

She wanted to find a way to tie in the mindset component, as well.

“We have to focus on what we can control, and what we can control is ourselves. We have to work from within.”

As Jen has seen, having a clearer mind means making better financial decisions—and being able to advocate better for yourself.

“You will become more confident to ask for the money you really deserve.”



But it wasn’t always easy to be so confident.

When she was just staring out, Jen wasn’t certain how to get her online business off the ground.

Following a coach’s advice, she decided to create a website and a blog.

Unfortunately, not long into her website creation, she realized that writing blog posts was not for her.

She tried YouTube, as well, but quickly discovered that the setup for videos (the makeup, the lighting, etc.) was a bit tiresome.

This is when podcasting became an option—and it proved to be the perfect fit.

Now, Jen no longer relies on coaching to gain revenue; her podcast has led to her getting paid through speaking opportunities and working with large brands.

This perfectly illustrates an important point:

 You have to find a medium that aligns with you and that you can be consistent with.

Through consistently creating content, Jen has significantly grown her authority.

“Creating content is how people know and trust you. That’s how they build a relationship with you.”

Jen explained that through having a podcast, she has experienced many unexpected benefits.

Not only has she had coaching clients reach out to her, but she has also been offered sponsorships and won awards.

But nothing shocked her more than being offered an opportunity to write a book: Her Money Matters.

“Having a book really gives you so much credibility.”

This is a perfect example of how:

A podcast works as a helpful addition to other marketing,
such as having a social media presence or a blog.

If you are on the fence about starting your own show, Jen suggests checking out our guide: Podcast Strategies: How To Create The Perfect Business Podcast.

Her other advice?

“Do the research about what is already out there.”


Get clarity around the kind of podcast that you want to host, and don’t worry about running out of topics. There is always something to talk about.

Most importantly though, Jen says to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

“Don’t do it just because it’s the talk and you want to jump on that bandwagon. It really needs to align with you and who you are.”


The people who have long-term success are the people who legitimately want to be leaders, educators, and advocates in their fields.

“Have your audience’s best interest at heart.”

For anyone wanting to start their own podcasting adventure, we offer this last piece of advice:


Don’t do it for overnight success.


This is a long-term commitment that will only be successful through consistency and hard work.

Sound like something you want to get into?

Click here to schedule a free consultation and learn how you can start your own journey in podcasting.

We’d love to help you along in your podcasting success story!

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Ben Krueger

Written by Ben Krueger

Founder and Chief Podcast Educator at Cashflow Podcasting. Ben specializes in helping thought leaders and entrepreneurs amplify their impact through podcasting. He’s a world traveller, outdoor sports junkie and future enthusiast!

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