Hilary Hendershott is the Founder of Hendershott Wealth Management LLC, where she provides financial advice for women and couples to help them discover their full wealth potential.

She also hosts Profit Boss® Radio, a podcast designed to help people become the authors of their own lives by taking control of their money—whether they are her clients or not.

“I really care that people live high-quality, thriving lives.”

Hilary has been in the podcasting space for several years now, and through her efforts, she has seen huge growth in her business and made waves in the finance industry.

However, it was not an easy start for Hilary.

After coming home from work, where she was helping multimillion-dollar clients, and not being able to pay her own bills, she realized she had a problem of her own that she needed to fix.

“It was a money psychology problem. I had a problem with how I thought about money.”

Digging herself out of debt and achieving financial Independence, Hilary looked at what she had achieved and discovered she could help others do the same.


So she launched a coaching program and a podcast to go with it!



Through Profit Boss® Radio, Hilary gives people free advice on how to transform what’s possible with their money—something she also teaches in her paid online courses.

But Hilary admits she would have never anticipated the success she has seen through creating the podcast.

“If someone said to me 20 years ago that I would be this successful by talking about my own personal financial transformation and putting it on the internet for people to listen to, I would have said to you, ‘you are crazy.’”

Hilary worked in her father’s financial planning firm for 15 years before going out on her own in 2014, with the goal of creating a brand by women, for women.

She wasn’t certain what she wanted to do, but she knew she had a lot to say—and podcasting proved to be the perfect fit.


 The long-form conversation that most podcasts follow allows for building relationships with people that resonate with your message.


Additionally, as Hilary discovered, creating a platform can be cathartic because you have your own space to express yourself without being misunderstood.

And through utilizing our podcast launch program, she was able to streamline her launch and attract a lot of listeners upfront.

“I could connect to people that I [otherwise] would have no opportunity to know, or see, or build a relationship with. … I have no idea how I would meet people who come into my coaching program without the podcast” 

Not only did Hilary gain connections from her podcast, but she also opened up about some unexpected benefits that came with starting her show—one of which being the amount of authority she receives simply from hosting Profit Boss® Radio.

“[The podcast] demonstrates expertise, and people are really impressed with it.”

Which just goes to show:


Having a podcast is a significant credibility booster.


As Hilary explained, to someone who is not very technologically advanced, having a podcast makes the host seem like an expert in his/her field—even to people who have never listened to an episode.

And for those who do listen to the show, they already feel like they know Hilary, creating a sense of familiarity that makes it easier for them to open up to her as clients.

The trust she has built up through her show also paid off when it came to her coaching program.

I filled the coaching program twice—JUST from the podcast! I didn’t do anything else.


So how else did Hilary benefit from starting a podcast?


Her show has also allowed her to interview people she would normally not have the opportunity to chat with.

“Being able to be in conversation with current authors and people who are also building a platform has been fun and intellectually stimulating.”

Additionally, having a library of resources to pull from allows her to help out friends and family members seeking financial help.

Although she cannot directly help everyone who contacts her, Hilary is able to refer people to past episodes where she has discussed the specific topic they need help with.


But while there are plenty of benefits when it comes to podcasting, there are also challenges that can arise.


When asked about any issues she has faced while running the podcast, Hilary shared that the most frustrating thing for her is usually trying to coordinate with a guest.

Whether it be bad audio or the guest trying to multi-task while the interview is happening, things don’t always go smoothly.

So how does Hilary handle those moments?

“I take myself, my company, and my podcast very seriously, and if we’re not aligned on that, then maybe it’s just something I’m not going to air.”


With years of profitable podcasting under her belt, Hilary is now offered frequent speaking gigs and has filled her coaching program two times over.

“I went from wondering if anyone was going to want to work with me to having a waitlist for taking on new clients.”

For those hoping to follow a similar path to success, Hilary offered some of her entrepreneurial wisdom:

“As a business owner you are building something that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. Building a business is really like a form of magic, and making yourself wealthy because of it? That is really the juice!”

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Written by Ben Krueger

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