Tim Paige, the passionate show host of Conversion Cast, joins us on the show this week to talk about the case study podcast format. Tim has been the host for multiple podcasts and is now running a show for LeadPages, a company all about conversions.

This episode is loaded with information on how to best format your podcast show to engage and convert your listener into a loyal customer. Tim shares some tactics they used to grow their audience and business. Tune in now to hear Tim’s invaluable advice!

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What a case study podcast format is and if it’s right for your podcast.
  • The mistake Tim had made when he first launched Conversion Cast.
  • Why case studies are a great way to hook your listeners.
  • The type of results Conversion Cast achieved after switching from a daily podcast to a weekly show.


In the comments below:

Does having a case study podcast format sound right for YOUR business?


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[Tweet “Case studies are proof of what works, not theories or ideas. – @TimThePaige https://cashflowpodcasting.com/42”]

[Tweet “To build authority & drive sales, it might be worth trying the case study format. – @TimThePaige https://cashflowpodcasting.com/42”]

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