Do you love listening to podcasts?

How about working to help entrepreneurs?

You’re in the right spot.

* Our mission at Cashflow Podcasting is to allow podcasters to focus on recording great content, and we do the rest! *

In line with that, our Done-For-You podcast editing & publishing services are growing rapidly and we are looking for people who would love editing and producing podcasts for our top-notch clients.

We’re looking for Audio Editors, Content Writers and Launch Coaches who are:
  • Passionate about podcasting and learning
  • Self-starting and have a ‘quality over quantity’ focus
  • Detail oriented and love following a consistent process to get a quality result
  • Able to hold yourself accountable, you will not be micro-managed
  • Openly welcome feedback to help improve and refine your skills
  • LOVE being part of a thriving team, hellbent on a mission
For Audio Editors:
  • Must have basic audio editing experience and be able to edit speeches and interviews for clarity
For Content Writers:
  • Excellent writers, and have basic skills in storytelling and copywriting
  • Grammatically correct writing is a must (sentence structure, punctuation, proper word use and phrasing)
  • Must be able to write compelling copy based on episode content
  • Must be computer savvy and familiar with WordPress and other website platforms
For Launch Coaches:
  • Great project managers
  • Love guiding, coaching, recommending and collaborative planning
  • Have experience launching and hosting podcast(s)
  • Understand content marketing strategy and enjoy strategic thinking

Open Positions

# Position 1: Podcast Audio Editor
You’ll be responsible for:
  • Listening to and editing audio podcast episodes using Adobe Audition and our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents and client requests
  • Editing out mistakes, ums, stammers, awkward pauses from speeches and interviews for clarity
  • Must have strong attention to detail, and ability to follow specific directions based on client wishes
  • Reporting and reviewing your work and results to the client, the Production & the Cashflow Podcasting Team
  • Communicating with the Production Manage and the Writers to deliver the final product
  • Being responsive and a willing to help the team thrive
# Position 2: Podcast Content Writer
You’ll be responsible for:
  • Writing compelling & engaging show notes posts to accompany podcast episodes (edited by someone else) which including bullet points and episode titles
  • Creating and scheduling show notes posts to publish on the clients’ website platforms
  • STRONG attention to detail and ability to follow a consistent process to provide a high-quality work
  • Being responsive and an active part of a thriving team
  • Reporting and reviewing your work and results to the client, the Production Manager & the Cashflow Podcasting Team

You will work closely with the Cashflow Podcasting team to not only produce beautiful podcast episodes, but help our clients see results from their podcasts.

We’re on a mission for our clients, and you’ll be an integral part in helping them improve and grow their podcasts.

# Position 3: Podcast Launch Coach
You’ll be responsible for:
  • Working with our clients directly to plan, build and launch their podcast from scratch to iTunes New & Noteworthy
  • Advising the client on best podcast marketing & online marketing practices
  • Project management for their launch, and managing the creation of audio branding, voiceovers, artwork, etc
  • Doing some podcast editing using Adobe Audition & writing compelling & engaging show notes formats
  • RSS feed creation & optimization, posting and configuring in WordPress, Libsyn, iTunes & Stitcher
  • Reporting and reviewing your work and results to the client, myself & the Cashflow Podcasting Team.
  • Using project management tool Asana to track project progress and manage the launch program systems
Experience Required:
  • Some experience launching a podcast from scratch preferred (please note in your application)
  • Using tools like Libsyn, WordPress, Adobe Audition, iTunes & Stitcher
  • Project management & direct client communication in an advisory role

You will work closely with myself and other Cashflow Podcasting team members to help clients plan, craft, build and publish incredible podcasts geared towards helping them grow their businesses and see BIG results with their shows.

Our objective, is to help our clients obtain their goals of audience growth, expert positioning and exposure in their marketspace. You will be an integral part of their success.

You will be trained on our systems, how our programs work, the strategy behind podcast marketing and how the pieces all fit together, however, you must have a solid understanding of podcasting, WordPress, online marketing, client management and communication, and project management.

The Best Part

These positions are very flexible. We prefer you to be located within the US timezones if possible (not a deal breaker), you’ll need a good internet connection and a computer, but beyond that you can work from wherever you like. At the coffee shop, at your kitchen table, the park, in your underwear, whatever.

Your work will be project based so as long as you complete edits and tasks in the allotted time, you’re free to choose when & where you work.

The Details

All hires start out part time initially, working on 2-3 podcast episodes a week as a contractor. If you’re a rockstar, the volume of work and responsibilities can grow to fit your appetite!

This position is perfect for someone looking for additional “on-your-own-time” work and to grow or transition into something bigger, and be a part of a team serving the podcasting industry.

There will be some small test projects as part of the application process and pay will be discussed once you’re a serious candidate for the position. While you won’t be slapping down cash for a brand new G5 on your income with these roles, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts and have the freedom to work around your schedule, work from wherever you like and be a part of a movement much bigger than just you or me.

If you’re still reading, this position might be right for you.

How to Apply

We’re not all about resumes, cover letters, collared shirts or shined shoes.

To be considered for the position:

1) Shoot a quick 1 minute video of yourself, explaining why you’re the perfect person for the job, and WHY you want to be a part of the Cashflow Podcasting Team. Upload your video to Youtube (and you might want to set it as unlisted)

2) Complete this Google form and include the link to your video on Youtube – COMPLETE THE GOOGLE FORM HERE

3) I’ll check out the applications and be in contact shortly if we think you might be a great fit for the team.

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