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We have been producing and launching podcasts since 2013, working on hundreds of shows with millions of downloads collectively.

Throughout this time, we have come to realize that businesses that are looking to start a podcast and use podcasting as part of their platform, tend to run into the same challenges and problems.

What has become very clear to us, is that there is a roadmap with five stages that all of these shows go through.

They tend to start with the same momentum and excitement, and eventually end up hitting the same bumps along their journey.

Our mission as an organization is to help leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators out there, have the biggest impact that they can.

We want to help these folks share their message and build a community around their brand.

In this series, our goal is to walk you through this five-stage business podcast roadmap, share the pieces where people often get stuck and help you to work through the emotions that are associated with these sticking points.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to become intimidated, overwhelmed, or frustrated when in the creation process of their show.

We want to help you prepare for that and work through it effectively.

For each of these five stages, there are predictable feelings that we find folks have, there are problems and challenges that they get stuck on, and there are very easy solutions to keep them moving forward so that they can have the impact that they’re looking to have.

So, let’s jump into the first stage:

Business Podcast Roadmap Stage #1: Pre-Launch Procrastination

podcasting journey

The first stage many people seem to go through is pre-launch procrastination.

You’ve been thinking about starting a podcast for a really long time but you can’t motivate yourself to make it happen.

This is common for many first-time podcasters.

Folks feel intimidated by the process and they’re not really sure where to start.

There is a lot of information out there and potentially a lot of moving pieces, so it’s completely understandable that this could be intimidating.

Guiding You Along The Business Podcast Roadmap

business podcast

Fundamentally people want to put together a really good show.

They want it to be quality and they want it to do really well, so it becomes very easy to put on the list of things to do tomorrow.

We find that two things can help to move the needle:

  1. Podcast education.
  2. Professional guidance.

This is where we come in.

If you follow along with this business podcast roadmap series, we are here to educate and guide you throughout the process.

The key outcome that we are after is having you ready and excited to get started on your show.

Ready To Launch Your Show?

podcast launch

We have seen this transformation process when working with hundreds of clients, helping them get from idea to successfully launched and live podcast.

Once a podcast goes live, they become a little bit stuck wondering what is effective and where to go from there.

So, if you’re in this stage, follow along and we hope to have you prepped and ready to launch a podcast for your brand.

We’re so excited to be on this journey with you!

Download the Business Podcast Roadmap, so that you can follow along with every step.

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Ben Krueger

Written by Ben Krueger

Founder and Chief Podcast Educator at Cashflow Podcasting. Ben specializes in helping thought leaders and entrepreneurs amplify their impact through podcasting. He’s a world traveller, outdoor sports junkie and future enthusiast!

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