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Many people get stuck on the idea that their podcast launch has to be as big as a book launch or a product launch.

They get overwhelmed with the thought that if they don’t gain traction right away then they are in big trouble.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most podcasts get started with a smaller audience and snowball growth over time.

You have to have the initial audience to start building the momentum for a show so that it can grow into something bigger.

However, if you don’t have that initial audience, then it can be hard for the show to start building its own momentum.

So, how do you get that initial audience?

Let’s take a look.

How To Grow An Audience For Your Podcast Launch

Podcast launch

When you are getting ready to launch your podcast, it is essential that you put your audience in the podcast planning process.

This means when you are considering the title, the artwork and even what your episodes are going to be about, you are keeping your audience in mind.

How do you do this?

You let your audience know that you are working on a podcast and that you would love their feedback.

This way you get people involved from day one and they get to be a contributor to what that podcast becomes.

Get People Invested In Your Podcast From Day One

how to launch a podcast

Think about how engaged you become when you make a suggestion to someone and they actually use it.

That is how your audience will feel about your podcast.

They got to be co-creators in the process of putting together this process.

This is a huge contributor to the success of your show.

Your audience will know when it’s coming, they feel involved and they are more willing to share your podcast with other people because they feel personally invested.

We find this is a huge needle-mover in getting the initial audience engaged.

Once your show is launched, then it is up to you to stay consistent.

How To Have A Successful Podcast Launch

audience engagement

Fundamentally, it’s about bringing people into the planning process.

Jen Hemphill is a great example of this.

She has been building momentum over time through her podcast but she got that initial momentum from her small targeted audience base that she brought in from the beginning.

She had them involved in what the podcast was going to become and that way her audience really resonated and felt engaged.

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