This week, I will reveal an awesome tool that will allow you to get broadcast audio quality out of most of your recordings, and the best thing about it – it’s absolutely free! This killer online-based piece of software is super easy to use and requires no set up what so ever. In this episode of AETV, I will show you how simple it is to use and help you get started with creating pro quality audio without spending tons of time in audio editing software.


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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Which free online service will clean up your audio and make it sound like a professional recording.
  • How this killer tool works.
  • How to add metadata to your episodes.
  • How to link other audio and video hosting services to this tool and publish your content to them.
  • How to reduce wind and hum in your audio and nomalize its loudness.


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All right, we are in Ohio, my hometown, back home for a little bit. My sister’s getting married, so I’m excited to be here, hanging out with the family and doing all that fun stuff. It’s obviously spring, so it’s a really nice time to be outside. I popped outside real quick to share this little bit with you guys. We’re going to be talking about a really cool tool that I’ve been using that is, quite possibly, the simplest possible tool to get incredible sounding audio quality. Even when you start with poor audio quality, like say you’re recording a video on an iPhone on a windy day with just the iPhone mic., you’ll still be able to get good audio quality. The best part, it’s very easy to use and it’s completely free. I’m Ben Krueger, the Podcast Marketing Guy, and I’m dedicated to helping you grow your business using the power of podcast marketing every Thursday morning. Let’s do it.

Okay folks, this is a free tool that I was telling you about that will help you get incredible audio quality, and it’s a completely plug and play deal. You don’t have to mess with any settings, you don’t have to mess with any of that kind of stuff. It’s called Auphonic and it’s actually an online tool used and created by the Austrian government in a university program. You’ll see in this tutorial here, how it’s used. It’s very simple, very easy to use, and completely free.

All right, here we are on You can see how she’s spelled here. This is the homepage when you come here. It’s a fantastic little spot. What it is, it’s post production that is super streamlined. You can, essentially, just upload a segment of audio and it will automatically upload it and then scrub it and add that audio mastering element, do the loudness normalization, remove noise and hums, and different stuff like that, and filter that out, and then spit it out on the other end. You can also ID3 tag stuff, you can send it to specific locations like Dropbox folders or YouTube, you can do all kinds of really cool stuff. What we’re going to do is try Auphonic for free. It’s completely free. There’s a download desktop version that is paid, but the online version is completely free.

You can see that I’ve already got an account here and that I’ve got some previous Authority Engine TV episodes here even as well. What you’re going to do is click new production, and then it’s very simple. You select whatever file you want to upload. Let’s just say it’s a … Let’s find a file here real quick that is … Okay, let’s take this for example, this is a little video clip. I’m going to say okay and then you can add your meta data. You can add your title, your cover image, your artists, some of that kind of stuff. Extended meta data as well if you want to get really specific with stuff, add that it’s a podcast. It’s got tags, all that fun stuff. You can figure out what kind of output files you want and how many you want. You can do all of these different audio formats, or additional video formats, and all that kind of stuff. You can have it set up exactly how you want it, set up what the file name is going to be, the bit rate, mono, all that stuff.

My personal favorite is you can say where you want it to publish to. You have to register your services, but I currently have Dropbox and YouTube so, the video itself, I have it automatically upload to YouTube, and then the audio I have it upload to Dropbox, and then my team takes it from there. You can sync it so that it automatically uploads to Libsyn. You can sync it so that it goes to a bunch of different services. Here is all the different things you can do with it. For podcasts and, specifically, Libsyn is really helpful. There’s Sound Cloud as well, there’s Blueberry, there’s Amazon S3, really everything that you would use as far as the auto upload.

Here’s where it gets really good, under the audio algorithms you have your different auto algorithms that make it very simple. If you’ve got some wind noise and that kind of stuff you can select noise and hum reduction. It will do loudness normalization, filtering, and adaptive leveling. What I recommend is to leave this at the negative sixteen, and unless it’s way loud, I would leave it at auto because it does a fantastic job at automatically filtering and normalizing those audio levels, the loudness levels. Then we’re going to click start production and you can review what you’ve got here. Then click start production.

The beauty is you’re going to see that it’s going to upload and it’s going to do its thing and then it will say processing. It will process, and then when it’s done you’ll have the option to download the files. You can just click a link to download the files, it will auto upload to YouTube, Dropbox, or wherever you wanted it to go. It’s super, super simple to use. What I recommend is using this as a polisher for most of your audio tracks to make sure you’ve got top quality audio in as little time as possible.

All right, ladies and gents, that was Auphonic. Go ahead and use that for your show, for all of your audio stuff that will help you get the best possible audio quality without having to spend a bunch of time in the audio editing software, messing with the different filters, and stuff. That will do ninety-nine percent of the work for you. I’m Ben Krueger the Podcast Marketing Guy and I’m excited and dedicated, as always, to help you grow your business with the power of podcast marketing. I’ll see you next Thursday morning.

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