If you’re struggling to engage business owners with your products or services, we’ve gathered some B2B marketing examples to inspire your next campaign.

A new year presents fresh opportunities for your business to experiment with different forms of B2B marketing. To create brand awareness and make noise, your B2B marketing efforts should focus on helping business owners understand how they can unlock value from your product or service.

Once you have established your target market, you can begin to produce resources designed to help business owners learn how they can benefit from your offering. It all comes down to educating your target market on how your product or service addresses an unmet need in their business.

To provide you with some inspiration for 2022, we’ve pulled together a range of B2B marketing examples. These B2B advertising examples will help to elevate your campaigns and capture the attention of business owners in your niche.

The Best B2B Marketing Examples For 2022 (10 Picks)

1 – B2B E-Book by HubSpot

B2B Content Marketing Examples

B2B Content Marketing Examples

HubSpot offers a range of e-books that focus on specific topics. These targeted marketing materials are often mentioned mid-way through HubSpot articles.

To read the e-books, you must provide HubSpot with some basic contact information – which they can leverage in campaign email sequences.

Examples Of B2B Content Marketing

Examples Of B2B Content Marketing

According to NetLine’s 2020 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers, e-books are an increasingly popular form of content, followed by whitepapers and “how-to” e-guides.

There’s no shortage of high-quality B2B e-books available for business owners to download. Typically, B2B businesses require you to input your email address and some basic contact information to access this content.

If you want to capture email addresses for use in campaign sequences, asking people to share their details in exchange for access to an e-book is a smart move.

2 – Email Marketing Strategy by Guest Post Juice

Business To Business Advertising Examples

Business To Business Advertising Examples

Guest Post Juice is a good example of a value-driven email newsletter. The editors provide business owners and marketers with a list of backlink opportunities every month.

If you’re familiar with how backlinks work, you will know that finding high-quality backlinks requires a significant investment of your time. This newsletter does all the heavy lifting for you.

The best bit? They’re offering this value without charge.

By getting business owners and marketers to subscribe to their email newsletter, they create potential revenue opportunities. If you have access to a targeted email list, the monetization possibilities are endless.

To create a B2B newsletter that’s worth reading, you should carefully study examples of B2B marketing email sequences. There’s plenty to learn by just simply signing up for a few successful email newsletters that focus on your niche.

3 – B2B Content Marketing Strategy by Velocity Partners

Business To Business Marketing Examples

Business To Business Marketing Examples

Using the power of search engine optimization, Velocity Partners ranks for a variety of keywords and phrases related to content marketing strategizing.

With targeted organic traffic landing on their website every day, they encourage visitors to download their B2B content marketing checklist in a PDF format.

4 – B2B Email Marketing Template by Lemlist

B2B Cold Email Marketing

B2B Cold Email Marketing

Lemlist does an exceptional job at creating a sense of community with their B2B email marketing sequences.

The team behind this email marketing platform inspires user activation and retention with thoughtfully crafted email sequences. These are designed to bring additional value to existing users and potential customers.

5 – B2B Cold Email Template by LeadFeeder

B2B Marketing Campaign Examples

B2B Marketing Campaign Examples

LeadFeeder has produced extensive blog content on the best practices for B2B cold emailing. By establishing authority in the SERPs through the continuous use of specific keywords and phrases with high search volume, they are able to attract significant organic traffic to their website.

To turn the organic traffic into prospects, LeadFeeder often encourages readers to download their cold email templates. Widgets promoting this opportunity are often positioned mid-way through their blog content.

Upon clicking the “Download” button, you are asked to enter your email address and other contact information. Further down the line, this data will inevitably be used by LeadFeeder to promote its services through an email sequence.

6 – B2B SEO Checklist by Backlinko

B2B SEO Checklist

B2B SEO Checklist

While many digital marketing agencies offer B2B SEO checklists, there’s plenty of room for you to bring value to the table.

It’s perfectly possible to promote these checklists to your target market and collect the email addresses of those who download the checklist.

Rather than ask for an email address, Backlinko offers their B2B SEO checklist in the form of a blog article. By doing this, they present themselves as authorities on this particular topic and this is reflected in the level of value offered in the content.

While the content does not point to a specific call-to-action, the value-packed checklist will certainly encourage readers to explore the SEO services offered by Backlinko.

Sometimes, the best B2B content marketing examples do not drive people to a specific call-to-action. Instead, they focus on delivering value – helping to build a sense of trust in a brand.

7 – B2B Case Studies by Lead Cookie

B2B Case Studies

B2B Case Studies

There’s no shortage of B2B marketing campaign examples that include case studies.

Lead Cookie presents its success stories in a clear and concise way. The key data points from the case study are shared across multiple marketing channels in different formats.

8 – B2B Resource Library by AdRoll

B2B Resource Library

B2B Resource Library

AdRoll has built an extensive resource library for business owners exploring ways to leverage cross-channel marketing strategies. When you have a range of value-packed resources in one place, this will give prospects confidence in your brand’s expertise and authority in a particular field.

9 – B2B Webinars by HubSpot

B2B Webinars

B2B Webinars

When it comes to B2B marketing, HubSpot is leading the pack! Alongside offering remarkably-detailed B2B e-books, HubSpot also provides access to free webinars for business owners and marketers.

A well-executed B2B webinar has the potential to convert dozens of customers at one time. It all comes down to preparation and execution. You will need to develop a clear cross-channel marketing strategy to promote your webinars.

10 – B2B “How-To” Guides by NeverBounce

Examples Of B2B Marketing

Examples Of B2B Marketing

A clear and concise “how-to” guide – much like NeverBounce’s guide to building an email list – can inspire consumer confidence in your brand and provide readers with tremendous value.

When people in your target market begin to see you as an authoritative source of information and wisdom, they are more likely to make a buying decision.

B2B Marketing Campaign Examples (Conclusion)

We hope this guide inspires you to pursue fresh B2B marketing opportunities in 2022. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your B2B marketing campaigns and experiment with new formats and channels.

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