Are you seeking to make an impact by influencing others with your authority? If so, than you’re in the right place, because on today’s episode of the Authority Engine Podcast, we discuss how authority marketing CRUSHES brand marketing.

Switching from the norm of brand marketing to authority marketing will help you differentiate yourself (and your business) and position yourself as an expert in your field. With this solo episode, we dive into the core reasons why authority marketing is effective with your target audience and the benefits that come along with authority marketing. It’s an episode with sweet doses of golden marketing advise.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • The core foundational reasons why authority marketing is much more effective than brand marketing.
  • People love to connect with personalities not brands.
  • Authority marketing has a relatable vision.
  • Authority marketing allows for influence and leadership.
  • People connect with a vision and purpose.

In the comments below:

Have you been brand marketing or authority marketing? Share your experience.

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Power Concepts:

[Tweet “You will make more money because of WHO you are than WHAT you do. – @BenWKrueger”]

[Tweet “Authority marketing allows you to influence, build and grow. – @BenWKrueger”]

[Tweet “Authority marketing has a relatable purpose. – @BenWKrueger”]


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