This week we are going to be talking about how to create some really enticing episode titles that will draw your listeners in. These strategies will really create intrigue in your audience, grab their attention and get them interested in listening to what you have to say.


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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why you need to be consistent in how you title your episodes.
  • Two killer formats for episode titles that really work.
  • Some great examples of how to create enticing episode titles.


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Hi, I’m Ben Krueger, and this is Authority Engine TV, where I’m dedicated to helping you grow your small business with the power of podcast marketing every Thursday morning. Today we’re going to be talking about how you can name your podcast episodes so that they’re really enticing, and that they really get across to the listener the value that they will get from that episode.

All right, so there’s a couple of different naming conventions that work really well when it comes to podcast titles. One overall concept, though, is you want to make sure that you’re consistent with how you title your episodes. So if you’ve got 30 episodes, and half of them are titled with really short, vague titles, and half of them are really long and descriptive titles, that’s not very helpful. You want to be very consistent with how you title your episodes.

The next thing is, let’s talk about two different formats that work really well. Number one is called the “How-to.” So if you’re titling any episode or blog post or anything like that, you’ve definitely seen the “how-to,” and it works really well, and I’ll give you an example of that in a second. The second one is the numbered list. You know, “Six Steps to (This),” or “The Four Main Cornerstones to How to blah blah blah.”

So the “How To” is one method, and then the numbered list is another, which can be six steps, or seven tools, or whatever you’re talking about in that episode, just include that number in the title, is really effective.

So the next thing you want to do is create intrigue, and this isn’t something that you always have to do, but it can be really helpful with your podcast title to create intrigue that draws people into your episode, and to check it out more. The other thing you can do is to try to distill the number one value people will get from listening to that episode. So what’s the number one takeaway?

All right, so let’s come up with a few examples. I’ve got some samples for you from the Authority Engine podcast from previous episodes. We’re going to go through these a little bit. Really before we do that, the other thing that I want you to think is to make sure that your guest, if you run a guest show, make sure your guest’s name is in the episode. There’s generally two different ways to do that. So there’s the “How To blah blah blah blah blah,” or “Six Steps To blah blah blah blah blah,” with your guest’s name, or there’s your guest name on “How To blah blah blah,” or “Six steps blah blah blah.”

So here’s a couple of those examples I was talking about with the how to. “How to Streamline Your Podcast Production Process with Jake Hower.” That’s a previous episode that we had. Another similar one is “The Four Main Methods To Monetizing A Podcast,” and that was a solo episode, so there was no guest.

On the value side of things, we could have “Getting Multiple Experts On One Podcast Call with Ray Ortega.” Or “Powerful Podcast Launch Strategies with Andy Drish.” So you’ll see that I use the “Six Steps To” or “How To” with the guest name, and whichever one you choose, just make sure that you’re consistent with it.

So that’s how you can title your episodes to make them really enticing and really interesting to listeners so they know what they’re going to get, but they’re still curious to find out what it is, and what the actual value is in that episode. So go ahead and implement that for your show, and go to the show notes for this AETV episode, and you can check out the links to other episode titles.

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