I’ve had a lot of people asking me what steps they can take to actually start making money with their podcast. This week, we’re going to shed some light on exactly how you can do that by explaining the four main ways that you can generate real-life revenue with your podcast.


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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to utilize sponsorships and affiliate sales as an avenue for monetization.
  • The most effective way to generate revenue from your podcast.
  • Why it’s so crucial to build trust with your audience.


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All right the questions have been pouring in for this one. I’m going to be answering how can you monetize a podcast. I’m Ben Krueger and this is Authority Engine TV. Well, I’m dedicated to helping you grow your small business using the power of podcast marketing every Thursday morning. Okay, it’s all the talk, everybody is asking questions and trying to figure out how do you make money from podcasting.

I’m going to share a couple of the basic ways, and there’s a lot of different variation but here are the four kind of basic row cornerstone methods. Number one you can get sponsorships for your show. If you’ve got a show about marketing, and you can get sponsorship from, let’s say AWeber or other companies that are interested in sponsoring a show that has an audience that they want to market to.

Number two is donations. This works really well for cause type podcast. If you’re podcasting about a specific because, save the world or something like that or in the religious space that’s work really well as well, but that is method number 2. Method number 3 is to drive affiliate sales with your traffic, and with your audience. It’s kind of similar to the sponsorship but instead it’s on your end to drive their sale, and you only get paid for any of the sales that you create.

Obviously you have to setup those affiliate relationship as well. The final method and by far the most effective and lucrative way is to promote yourself and any product services, or value offerings that you have. You as the podcast host, and you as a part of the brand will be gaining more notoriety and more trust, and more of a relationship with your audience then anybody else will.

If you have some kind of a product service offering, membership anyway that people can get more value from you, and then doing so end up paying you for it, that is going to be far more lucrative, far more effective, and far more profitable in the long run, for not only you but for your audience as well. Some of your favorite shows you hated when they drive you to somewhere else to go get the value that you’re looking for.

You already trust that host, if you can buy something from them, you’re more than happy to do it. Those are the four methods, the four basic methods. There are definitely some variations there, that is going to be the lion share of how you can monetize a podcast.

I’m Ben Krueger this is Authority Engine TV and if you really enjoyed today show, go ahead and subscribe the Youtube channel, because there’s a lot more value coming.


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