So you’ve started your podcast, but you aren’t gaining much traction with your audience yet. This happens with almost every new podcaster. Here are a few surefire ways to get your audience engaged and involved with your content.


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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

      • How to gain momentum by getting people to leave voicemails.
      • The power of utilizing contests to get people talking.
      • What you can do to ensure that people will continue to engage with your podcast.


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You’ve got a podcast going and you’ve been asking people to either review your show or to call in and leave your voicemail or even E-mail you with any feedback they’ve got about the show but you’re hearing crickets. You’re not getting any kind of a response. Here’s what you can do to get those initial responses. Okay folks this is kind of a fun one because I think this is a problem most people have when they get started and it’s tough to get a little bit of momentum. It’s tough to make sure that you can get those initial ratings, reviews as well as those initial people calling in to ask questions to take part in your show if you’ve got a certain segment in your show which is all about answering listener questions, something like that.
This video is going to help us to really get those initial few because really what it comes down to for this one is momentum. Once people start seeing that other people are rating, reviewing, and subscribing your show and once people start seeing that other people are asking questions to, submitting questions through voicemail or sending in E-mails or feedback, it’s going to be a lot easier to get more people to do the same.
Here’s what we’re going to do. Option 1 is you can reach out to a close friend that you’ve got that might be either a listener to your show or relatively in your target market and ask them. You can come up with a question for them or you can come up with a submission for them but say, “Hey, I would really appreciate if you would submit this as a question to me so that I can answer on air” I can play that voicemail on air if necessary so that that way people that are your other listeners will hear that, oh! Other people are submitting voicemails. I should … I better go do that. I better go do that as well. That’s one way to do it.
Another way you can do it is you can reach out to people in your audience specifically. Anytime that anybody E-mails you with a question, you can E-mail them back and say, “Hey, I loved the question. Actually this is a perfect piece of content for my next podcast episode and I’d love to feature you. Can you submit a voicemail via this tool with the same question you asked via E-mail?” There’s a couple of different ways that you can do that and you can utilize the fact that people are already reaching out to you in one way and try to channel them into the method that will help you produce your show better. In that way it’s not super selfish. That way you’ll allow them to help your broader audience by asking the question and answering those kind of questions to a broader audience and not just one-on-one the whole time.
The third way that’s truly effective to do this is to run a little contest. This is a method that I use for podcast launches as well as a couple of other things but if you’ve run a little contest may be you give away a free information product or you give away a little bit of consulting time. This is a fantastic way to get those initial responses that you really need to build momentum. You can do like a raffle give away, you can say the best response will get a free one-hour consulting session with me. You can do a whole bunch of different things depending on how you want people to interact and engage with your show. Think about how you want people to call in and be a part of your show and build your contest around that and then you can announce that to your audience and watch a couple of responses come in that way.
Once we have our initial responses, if that is the need of the work, that’s when most of the momentum gets rolling but you’ve got to make sure that it keeps moving. The big thing that you can do that will ensure people will continue to call and continue to rate, review, subscribe, all that kind of stuff is to mention and reward that good behavior. Yeah it sounds like we’re disappointing a child here but it really works a lot like that. So if you want people to leave a voicemail for your show, feature their voicemail on your podcast and talk about and give them a shout out. Thanks to Jim in Kentucky for leaving this voicemail. Hey if you guys have a question, leave us a voicemail. You can find it at this URL. That is how you can really get the ball moving and then keep that momentum going forward.
This is just one way to really drive a lot more engagement for your podcast. Hope this episode has been really helpful. If you have any questions, you can submit below via the “Ask Me Anything” button and I can answer it on a future episode of Authority Engine TV. In the meantime if you’re looking to make your podcast production easier, and you want to get rid of all the back end, the editing, and all that kind of stuff, hop on over to where we’ve got our whole list of services where we can help you out and really streamline your production process.
I’m Ben Krueger. This is Authority Engine TV. Have a fantastic day and I’ll see you next week.

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