We’ve all had issues with background noise and inconsistencies in our recording environments. Don’t worry about it! Here are some techniques to ensure you achieve consistent, quality audio every time you turn on the microphone.


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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to check for background noise and reverberations.
  • The proper techniques for setting audio input levels to achieve quality audio.
  • What to look out for when recording on laptops or mobile devices.

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PreRecording Checklist


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[Tweet ” You can run through this checklist every time to make sure that you get the best quality audio.  http://bit.ly/1dpqePB”]


All right. This week’s Authority Engine TV is going to be all about helping you get the best possible audio quality every time you press record.
Okay. We’ve all been there to when you record an episode, maybe it’s an interview and afterwards, you’re checking out the audio file and there’s a background noise, there’s a slight buzzing, maybe there’s some wind across the microphone, that kind of feedback and it really ruins the audio quality of that track and so what this episode is going to do is we’re going to run through a pre-recording checklist so that you can avoid that kind of stuff as well as you can avoid things like getting to the end of an interview and realizing that your recording software wasn’t actually recording.

What this episode will do will help you to get consistently, top quality audio every time you do an interview or you do a episode. Let’s jump in to it. The first thing that you want to do is to come … wherever you’re going to do your recording is go completely silent and just listen. Is there any kind of background noise? Is there any kind of wind or vehicles going by, that kind of stuff. That’s the first thing you want to check for. The second thing you want to do is make some noise, do a little “oi! hey!” and see is there’s any echoing or reverberation in the room you’re in? Because that will make a very big impact in your recording. You want to make sure that it’s not doing any reverberations.

Next, we’re going to check the recording levels on our audio recording software. Whether you’re using Audacity of it you’re using Skype recorder or something like that, start a call or a test call and start a test recording and start talking into it as you normally would and watch where the levels go. As you’re watching the audio levels, make sure they’re getting up into the top of the green and the yellow but not passing into the red, so that’s the key here. We want to be just at the top of the green and just into the yellow but not into the red. And now that you have your software open, if you don’t talk and if you don’t make any noise are the audio levels completely flat, check it.

Okay. Now you’re going to want to check your settings for your audio input. If you’re using Audacity or Skype recorder again, you’re going to want to go into your settings and check out what your audio input is, make sure it’s from your best microphone and it’s not from your desktop mic.

Okay. And then the final 2 is … the first one, are you using a top filter of some kind? And if not, make sure that the microphone is not pointed directly at your mouth, make sure that it’s pointed slightly away from your mouth and you’re talking pass it. That will help you get a lot better audio quality and will reduce the number of harsh Ps and Bs and those sounds that come through really harshly to your listeners ears.

And lastly, if you’re using a laptop to record, make sure your laptop is unplugged from any wall sockets and you’re not near any electrical outlets. I’ve noticed that this has a substantial effect sometimes on the recording quality of sound. Make sure that you’re unplugged and make sure that you’re not sitting right next to an electrical outlet.

Awesome. That checklist will help you guys out. Actually, if you check below, there is going to be a PDF that you can use every time you open up your recording software to do an episode and you can run through this checklist every time to make sure that you get the best quality audio and that it always records properly.

I’m Ben Kreuger. This is Authority Engine TV. You can learn more at authorityengine.com and thanks for joining me. See you next week.

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