This week I will be answering what is probably my favorite question of all time. We’re going to be talking about the steps you can take to determine exactly who your target audience is, who you are trying to speak to with your podcast, and what you can do to start creating content with them in mind.


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In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why you need to be thinking about who your perfect customer will be one year from now.
  • The three questions that are really pivotal in determining who your audience is.
  • Why you should be creating content with your optimal client or customer in mind.


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All right. This week, I’m going to be answering probably my favorite question of all time, “How do I know who to podcast to? How do I know who my podcast audience is?” I’m Ben Krueger, and this is Authority Engine TV, while I’m dedicated to helping you grow your business using the power of podcast marketing every Thursday morning.

All right. Even if you’ve got a show up and running, this is going to be really valuable for you. A lot of people are trying to figure out who exactly their target audience is and who they’re trying to talk to with their podcast, and a lot of people get started without really considering this fact. I’m going to tell you what I tell all of our clients for our podcast launch program and for all of our clients that come on for our ongoing editing services, how they can really figure out who their target audience is.

If you’ve got a small business or if you’re working on coming up with your next product service offering, think to yourself, “One year out, who would be my optimal customer?” Number one, “Who’s going to buy your highest profit items whether they’re product service, whatever? Who’s going to buy your highest ticket, highest profit items? Who’s going to be the easiest to work with? Who’s going to be the most fun and personally rewarding to work with, and then who’s going to share you most happily with everybody else around them?”

Those three pieces are really crucial for this. Think about a year out because we want to be podcasting to those people. We don’t want to be podcasting to the masses and hoping that we just snag a couple of people here and there.
This is a very core, basic copy writing principle of figuring out who your customer avatar is. Think one year out, figure out those three steps, and then sit down and see if you can figure out one person that embodies all of those different things. If they’re already a customer, a client, that’s awesome. If they’re not yet, that’s okay too.

Now, when you’re creating content, create it for that one person. I’d guarantee you, your content will make much bigger impact instead of just spreading it out to the world and hoping that it has an impact on a couple of people that you haven’t really figured out or narrowed down. That’s how you figure out who your audience is and who you are talking to with your podcast.

I’m Ben Krueger. This is Authority Engine TV. If you enjoyed the show, go ahead and subscribe below and we will see you back next Thursday morning.


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