Chris Ducker from New Business Podcast and the author of Virtual Freedom, returns this week to talk about how he crafted his opt-in offer for his podcast listeners.

Building a strong relationship with your audience will help you better serve them as well as many others. Listen in to hear EXACTLY how and why, Chris created New Business Bootcamp.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What New Business Bootcamp is and how it can help YOUR email opt-in offer.
  • Why video is more effective than an eBook or an audio format with email opt-in offers, for relationship building.
  • The video tools and format Chris uses for New Business Bootcamp.
  • The level of information Chris shares in his video series.
  • The feedback Chris has received about his New Business Bootcamp. 

In the comments below:

What would your opt-in offer look like and include if you created one to help build a stronger relationship with your podcast audience? 


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