Ever wonder if it was possible to use the power of podcasting to build a business up to a seven figure income? Gary Leland from Fastpitch.tv has done just that with continuous growth. Gary Leland is in the sporting goods softball gear (fast pitch) niche industry. Podcasting since 2004, he has learned what works and doesn’t when it comes to driving sales from your podcast.

In this episode, Gary hits it out of the ballpark with tips and strategies of how to create a wealthy income with a podcast that doesn’t involve high-end consulting ticket prices or products. Hear Gary’s everlasting advice for podcast marketers by tuning in to the show NOW!

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Why Gary doesn’t use any commercial advertising for his business.
  • The MAIN concept of podcasting as a marketing tool.
  • How Gary tracks sales driven from the podcast and how you can too.
  • The format that works really well for Gary’s podcast and business.
  • Gary’s invaluable advise that all podcasters should take.

In the comments below:

How are you building your business with the power of podcasting?


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