Having a successful podcast that gives jaw-dropping results is not left to simply turning on the microphone and talking. On today’s episode of Authority Engine Podcast, we are excited to share FIVE parts that drive your listeners to engage and convert like madness!

Listen in to learn about the strategy for constructing these key segments as well a step-by-step breakdown to help you craft a powerful show every time.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • The segments that will help your audience to get to know you, like you and TRUST you.
  • What kind of segment will get the best listener engagement.
  • How to add a clear and STRONG call to action to your episodes.
  • The segment that gives you exposure to a new audience.
  • Which segment you need to implement IMMEDIATELY.

In the comments below:

What has been your experience with using one of these key parts of a powerful podcast episode? 

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Power Concepts:

[Tweet “Have a strong and clear call to action.”] [Tweet “The branded intro is you and your brand’s personality.”] [Tweet “Shout-out segments let your listeners know you care.”]


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