Finally, You’ll Have A Step-By-Step Plan To



From Idea to Podcasting Like A Pro in 1 Month

Are You Ready to Become A Podcaster?

The Cashflow Podcasting Course is my complete step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand to create, launch & generate sales from your own podcast in 28 days. No confusion, no hype, no false promises. Literally step-by-step, nothing is left out.

This course was created after it became clear to me that…

  1. Too many people have incredible value to share but never reach the masses of people dying to hear their message.
  2. Most people who want to start a podcast never actually do because they’re confused, overwhelmed and simply don’t have the time to figure it out .

No more confusion. Just simple, step-by-step instructions to get you started! 


The Cashflow Podcasting Course
  • 6 Killer Step-By-Step Modules

  • The Proven Podcast Launch Formula

  • Massive Monetization Trainings With 5+ Business Podcasting Pros

  • EPIC Bonus #1: Ultra Supportive Facebook Mastermind

  • EPIC Bonus #2: Feedback Q & A Workshops

  • EPIC Bonus #3: The Ultimate Podcast SWIPE FILE Pack

  • EPIC Bonus #4: “Audio Made Easy” Training Series

All I knew about podcasting five weeks ago was that I wanted to have a podcast. Now my podcast is in the works! I know who my audience is, I have an intro, an outro, artwork and I’m engaging with potential guests. I’m so excited and feel really supported. I’m set to start recording, have a detailed launch plan and I know what to do to promote and grow my show. Cashflow Podcasting is more than a podcasting course!

Amy Neuhedel - Strängnäs, Sweden

The CORD Podcast


The Ultimate Step-By-Step Podcast Training System
Cashflow Podcasting Course: Start a podcast for business
The Cashflow Podcasting Course: Planning a Podcast


Coming Up With A Podcast That WORKS! 

  • How to use ‘podcast market research’ to get over your fears (of failure, nobody listening, stagnation, etc)
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions to begin podcasting at any level so that it actually makes money
  • How to test your podcast concept super-cheap so you can eliminate uncertainty
  • A simple formula for determining exactly what to podcast about (and how to organize your show so it works)
  • An exact checklist of the easiest to use ‘home studio’ recording equipment for incredible audio under one hundred bucks – no expertise required
Cashflow Podcasting Course: Podcast Artwork and Branding


Music To Their Ears:

  • A step-by-step blueprint for creating your show’s branding so you stand a head above the rest (and have listeners asking how they can work with you)
  • How to leverage your time and energy so you’re not wasting time, or creating more ‘to-do’ items for yourself
  • The most effective podcast formats, and which one you should use based on your podcasting goals (plus a little trick 95% of podcaster’s don’t use)
  • How to have somebody else do all the “intro, outro & artwork” stuff so your show looks world class
Cashflow Podcasting Course: Recording Content


Recording Content That Converts

  • The reliable way to create riveting content that sells, all in just a few minutes
  • How to record your episodes (in the least stressful way possible)
  • The easy way to get world class guest experts on your show and interested in promoting your show to their audience
  • My personal tech recommendations to keep things simple (and make you sound like a pro)
  • The exact, step-by-step walkthrough for setting up your show’s RSS & integrating with your website (no sweat)
Cashflow Podcasting Course: How to Launch A Podcast



  • How to leverage other people’s audiences so your show takes off fast and hit’s iTunes New & Noteworthy
  • Exactly what to do before going live, on launch day and beyond so there’s no stress, no issues & all confidence
  • The 4-step process to get folks drooling over your podcast and itching to get it (before it’s even live!)
  • Our ‘special announcement’ method for turning your current list (no matter how small) into your biggest promoters
  • The little-know hacks for fast ranking in iTunes and getting front and center in iTunes search results
Cashflow Podcasting Course: Growing A Podcast, Get More Listeners


You’ve Launched! Now What?… GROW

  • The ‘plug-n’-play” system for producing and marketing your episodes so you double your audience over time
  • Copy & paste social media swipe files, emails & the exact steps for predictably growing your show
  • How to sell through podcasting without being ‘salesy’ or pushy so that you consistently have new customers and clients coming to you
  • Our exact podcast production system to save you HOURS each week
Cashflow Podcasting Course: How to Monetize A Podcast


Massive Monetization ($$)

  • In-depth trainings on the 5 most profitable podcast monetization methods
  • Direct insights from well-known podcasting pros (and a few you haven’t hear of ) that use these exact strategies to generate 6-figures and beyond
  • How to use affiliate marketing, sponsors and membership sites to put additional $$ in your pocket

When it came to launching my own podcast, needless to say I was a bit nervous about the process. Ben was very quick to dispel many myths which would have caused me thousands of dollars in mistakes down the road. Instead, he gave me a ver clear cut strategy with specific resources to implement. I now have a lot of confidence in launching my podcast properly. Along with getting the maximum benefit of putting it out to the world, and toughing many more lives as a result of what Ben taught me. Working with him is a dream come true experience.

AJ Mihrzad - New York, USA

Online Super Coach

4 Epic Bonuses

Private Facebook Mastermind Support

#1: Ultra-Supportive FB Mastermind

-Get INSTANT help, support, feedback and network with other podcasters. (and the crew in there is AWESOME)
Live Feedback Workshop Call

#2: Feedback Q&A

– Get personalized feedback on your show format, title, ideas and strategies from our team of Podcasting Pros and other course members!
The Ultimate Podcasting Swipe File

#3: The Podcast SWIPE FILE Pack

– The ultimate, copy/paste swipe file pack of email templates, social media posts, announcement blog posts, and high-level influencer outreach copy for FAST success!
Audio Editing And Production Training for Podcasters

#4: ‘Audio Made Easy’ Training Series

– Our ‘do your own editing EASILY’ course to sound like a pro without spending any more time than necessary staring at your computer screen.  Sound good in NO time (plus 3 time-saving free tools)

So How Do I Get Started?

And What's It Going To Cost Me?

You could try to figure it out on your own and spend weeks or months delaying your podcast, or “hire a consultant” for $400 / hour, or buy other programs that overload you with information, options and technical jargon.

For the Cashflow Podcasting Course step-by-step system you will be paying only $997, $297 (or as little as $99 today).

Click below to get started today!

You’ve Got Options:

#1: $997 $297 one time payment

#2: $299 $99 x 3 monthly payments

Get started today for as little as $99 bucks!

Ben’s 30-Day Risk Free Membership Guarantee

A course is only as good as the results it gets

You have a full 30 days to decide whether the Cashflow Podcasting Course is for you. If for any reason it’s not, a 100% refund is yours! This is a risk free trial, so click the button below to join our Cashflow Podcasting Course family, and PROSPER!

The Cashflow Podcasting Course comes with a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee. I also want to make sure you that you know I’m not just here to take you money… I don’t want you to feel pressured. This is why I’m offering you a risk free guarantee.

Try the program for 30 days. If you don’t absolutely love it, you pay nothing. I’m giving you my most effective podcasting system here with no risk. If you are serious about starting a podcast to grow your online platform, the real risk is going it alone. Wasting days, weeks, months, and years trying to figure it out.

This small investment in yourself can save you that time, and put you on the fast track to success. The next step is choose the best option for you below and you are off to the races!

Our Students Have Gone On To Be Featured In...

And iTunes New & Noteworthy!

What do our students think?

Catherine Newton - Auckland, New Zealand

Catherine Newton - Auckland, New Zealand

Host of The Positive Potential Podcast

Catherine Newton iTunes

Jennifer Hemphill - Bogota, Columbia

Jennifer Hemphill - Bogota, Columbia

Host of Her Money Matters Podcast

Jen Hemphill Facebook Post

Your Questions: Answered

Do I have to take 28 days or can I launch faster?

You can go through this course at any speed you like! We’ve had students start the course and have a podcast launched within 3 days, and we’ve had other folks who used events at their company months after the course to time their launch so it’s truly at your own pace.  The course is set up to take you step by step, which typically takes 2-4 weeks to launch!

What if I get stuck?

We pride ourselves on having epic customer service thanks to our responsive team here at Cashflow Podcasting. We are here to ensure your every question, concern and need is addressed quickly to get you on your way.

Does this course include any podcasting equipment?

It doesn’t, but we show you the EXACT setup to use for under $100 for professional audio thats’ dead simple to use (and we show you how to set it up, record, and what to do with the files). Those of you that are a bit more techy, we’ll also show you the setup most professional radio hosts & podcasters use to really take quality to the next level.

Do I need to have a website?

It helps, but you don’t need one.  We’ll show you first how to integrate your podcast into your brand’s website if you have one.  If you don’t, we’ll show you where to go to get setup with a fantastic, cost effective website within 5 days so nothing slows you down.

Do I need to have a product/service to sell?
GREAT question.
The people that are perfect for this course fall into two camps:
Perfect Person #1: You already have a brand, you have a product/service/program and you know who your best customers are.  You want to podcast to accelerate your growth, become a celebrity authority in your market and drive more SALES for your offer (among other things!)
Perfect Person #2: You don’t have a product/service yet, but you do have a passion to serve a specific audience (ex. women who want to become authors) and you plan to use podcasting to grow an initial audience, and uncover their needs to create a powerful product/service/program for them!
Does one of these describe you?
This course is made to help you succeed. Join us!
What if I've already bought another podcast course?

Honestly, I first developed this course because many of my audience members told me they had bought other courses that either: A. Had WAY too much content, too many options and hundreds of tutorials that they’d never be able to get through… or B. Talked about the nuts & bolts of podcasting, but had NO strategy or ability to help them get clear, and get results. So if you’ve already bought a course, but STILL don’t have a podcast, you’re here because you need a simple, easy to follow system that works (and doesn’t overload you with fluff). That’s EXACTLY what the Cashflow Podcasting Course is for. Do me a favor… Jump in and check out Cashflow Podcasting and if it’s not exactly what you’ve been needing to actually get your show live, you have a full 30 days to send me one email and get your money back.  There’s no risk and I want you to see what it feels like to finally get your podcast LIVE instead of always being ‘in progress’.

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