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Your Podcast Launch Gameplan


It sounds like you are well prepared on the most important factors for launching a successful podcast. Want help with your podcast? Learn how my team and I can create and launch a podcast for you by booking a call with me here.

Let’s break it down. At this point…

You’ve got a clear idea on many aspects of your podcast. Here is a few things you might want to start thinking about:


Want us to launch your podcast for you, and maximize the success of your show?

  • Email me at (my personal email you can contact me at) with subject line “WORKING WITH YOU” – to make sure I easily see your email and can reply quickly – and include answers to these three quick questions in your email:
    1. What specifically is your goal with your podcast? (What do you want to achieve?)
    2. Why do you want to work with me and my team on it?
    3. How do you think we can help you achieve your goal?
  • Then we can discuss how my team can create your podcast FOR you, so you get the best result possible while not getting bogged down in the details.
  • Have questions about our services? See our FAQ here.


OR, if you’d rather follow our systems in a do-it-yourself course:

I’d like to invite you to try out the Cashflow Podcasting Course. This is our step-by-step system to go from idea to published podcast in under 28 days and includes 6 modules of tutorials, easy-to-follow training videos and all our copy/paste templates –Learn more here.


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