Click to View in iTunesOn this episode of The Authority Engine Podcast, Ben talks with successful podcast producer Ian Robinson. Ian is the man behind the scenes for super valuable podcasts which generate high returns (including one that gets one download per second.

In helping build authority for shows like Lewis Howes’ The School Of Greatness, Ian has learned a ton about how to grow a podcast as a successful marketing leg of a business. He shares with us how we can differentiate our podcast from the hordes available on iTunes.

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What Other Listeners Are Saying

I’ve gained so much insight from this podcast – Andy
It can be difficult to know which steps to take when you’re building a business. Podcasting is a great one. Ben knows how to grow a podcast as an integral part of a business. Listen! – Tim


Some of the key insights include:

  • The value of episode art, and how to use it to generate traffic.
  • How to be remarkable and referable (including a few high touch methods).
  • What transitions and segments can do for the interest factor of your podcast.
  • Why numbers might not be as important as so many people think.




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