Your Results: "Risky"

Your “Next Steps” Gameplan


You probably scored low for some of the following factors:

1) You are incorrectly estimating important project factors, such as timeline, budget, etc. which makes you in danger of producing a low quality podcast. It’s common to dramatically underestimate how much effort, time, and resources projects will take, especially because you are an optimistic entrepreneur! We all do it, and I’m as guilty as anyone 🙂

2) You may not have a lot of validation for your concept. For example, if you don’t really have a way to get the podcast concept in front of people, and it is your first time creating content on this topic, then releasing the podcast successfully can be a challenge.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t proceed, but it does mean you should probably spend additional time clarifying certain components of your project. So here are my suggestions for the best next steps.

Specific Suggestions:

  1. Validate Your Podcast ConceptListen to this case study here with Kai Davis, founder of to learn 3 simple ways to validate your podcast concept to REALLY see if it has potential before creating your show.
  2. Listen to my interview with Authority Self-Publishing to learn about why and how authors should go about podcasting.
  3. Hear what Joe Polish & Dean Jackson , the founders of I Love Marketing, have to say about the future of podcasting
  4. Learn a bit more about how to launch a great podcast with my “Fast Start Series” with part one found here
  5. Download this 4-step PDF to answer the question “Does my target audience listen to podcasts?”
  6. Have questions? (like which recording equipment to use, how should I structure my show, etc). I built out a list of FAQs you can see here. (It also includes more info about our services).
  7. After you check out these steps above and you want to move forward with launching your podcast:
    I’d like to invite you to try out the Cashflow Podcasting Course. This is our step-by-step system to go from idea to published podcast in under 28 days and includes 6 modules of tutorials, easy-to-follow training videos and all our copy/paste templates – Learn more here.


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