Welcome! I’m the founder and CEO of Cashflow Podcasting.

He”s probably best known around the water cooler as the Podcast Marketing Guy and has become the go-to authority on positioning, cultivating and growing small businesses through the power of podcast marketing.

He ain’t all business though, some of Ben’s fondest moments are hanging out with tigers at the sanctuaries in the northern mountains of Thailand, scuba diving in the Philippines (the most biodiverse marine environment in the world) and catching an early morning surf sessions in Costa Rica.

Even while running his wold class podcasting service, education and training empire, Ben has had the incredible opportunity to travel the world experiencing new cultures, languages and sharing his growing expertise at events from Las Vegas to Bangkok.

Ben has also had the privilege of being featured on Duct Tape Marketing, Boomer Business Owner, Tropical MBA, The Lifestyle Business Podcast and Starting From Nothing to name a few, but can be seen regularly in the podcasting space for interviews and speaking engagements spreading the word about podcast marketing.

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